Contacting a College Coach

Contacting a college coach is similar to writing a cover letter when applying for a job. You should include
clear and concise information about yourself, without overwhelming or boring the reader. Email is the
best way to begin communication with a coach, as it gives you a written record of all correspondence.
After that, if the coach wishes to meet or speak with you on the phone, that is your choice.

Some things you should include in your email:

  • Your name, position, high school grade, and year of graduation
  • Name of high school and where it is, current GPA and SAT/ACT score
  • What you wish to study (make sure you research the college and make a point of
    demonstrating it - for example, "I see that ABC College has the John Smith School of Business which I would love
    to be part of")
  • Your high school accolades - State final 4, all-region selection, etc.
  • Who you play for and what level it is (Classic 1, Athena A, etc.), your coach's name and
    contact info
  • State if you have already begun the NCAA/NAIA clearinghouse process (coaches love it when
  • you show you are proactive in the recruitment process)
  • Highlight video - include a link that let's the coach see you in action
  • Upcoming schedule

You should conclude the email by thanking the coach and asking about upcoming Prospect/ID camps or Tryouts.

Some important things to consider:

  • Make sure you proof read the email before sending - no grammatical, spelling errors
  • Use a respectable email account. Coaches don’t want to talk to "hotbaby69@yahoo...";
  • Do research. Doing research shows your interest in the school - address the coach by his name,
    list the programs of study the college offers that interest you
  • Don't send a mass email to multiple schools - coach's want to see that you are genuinely
    interested in their program

Sample Email

Coach Johnson,

My name is David Jones and I am currently a Junior at Gainesville High School in Gainesville, GA,
Graduating in May, 2020. I am very interested in being a student athlete at ABC State University and part of your
soccer program. Below is some more of my information.

  • 3.8 GPA and 1750 SAT (550 math, 650 reading, 550 writing)
  • Interested in studying accounting at the "John Smith School of Business"
  • Center midfielder for Gainesville for Coach Anderson- 2015 region champions, 2015 All region
  • Center midfielder for LSA 98b Navy (Classic 1) for Coach Clinton (123) 456 7890
  • I have registered for the NCAA clearinghouse, my ID number is: 123456


**Highlight Video Here **

Thank you for taking the time to read my email, I know you are very busy. I have attached my upcoming
schedule. I plan on attending your ID camp on November 25th.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts,


David Jones

(987) 654-3210


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