Field Rules

LSA Sharks

Updated as of September 18, 2016.

At LSA, we're serious about the safety and satisfaction of all our players and guests. As such, we have established a set of rules that our players and visitors at the fields are expected to follow.

Remember: This is not the EPL, UEFA, MLS, CONCACAF, or affiliated with any other professional league. 

  • These are Kids
  • This is a Game
  • Recreational Coaches are Volunteers
  • Academy and Select Coaches are Working to Improve ALL Players
  • Referees are Human

When you’re at our fields, please follow these rules:

  • Parents should not be coaching, talking to, or yelling at any kids – whether they are your own, your teammates, or another team’s players. Not only does this distract the kids, often times it contradicts the coach’s guidance to the players. Negative comments directed towards any player can have you removed from the fields.
  • Parents should be respectful of ALL referees regardless whether the call was correct or not. Many of the referees are kids themselves learning to referee as they learn to develop their soccer skills too. Yelling at, belittling, and other disrespectful behavior towards younger referees often leads to them to quit refereeing and losing their passion for soccer. Remember, if we don’t have referees available for games, the games won’t occur and your kids don’t get to play. Disrespectful behavior towards any referee will not be allowed out our fields and you will be asked to leave before play will continue.
  • No pets are allowed on or around the field of play - this includes the player benches and spectator viewing along the sideline of the field. Medical assistance dogs are permitted.
  • No tobacco products are allowed around the field of play.
  • No alcoholic beverages are allowed at the soccer complex.
  • No firearms or weapons of any sort are allowed at the soccer complex.
  • Glass containers should not be brought onto or around the playing fields.
  • Trash should be placed into the appropriate trash bins which are located near the fields.
  • Young children (12-years, or younger) should not visit bathrooms alone. For their safety, please be sure they bring a friend or family member.
  • Park vehicles in an appropriate parking spot - please do not park on grass areas. Usually there will be adequate parking near your practice/game field however on some game days, particular during tournaments, proper parking spots may be further away.
  • Please do not speed anywhere in the soccer complex as it puts all of our players and guest at risk. Also, please abide by the posted speed limit on Allen Creek Road. We have many players and family members that enjoy walking, jogging, or running through the soccer complex and along Allen Creek Road.
  • Do not leave anything valuable at your seating area or visibly located in your car. It's best to leave anything of value at home. If you do have valuables at the soccer complex which you do not want to carry with you, please place them in the trunk of your vehicle or an area which cannot be seen from the outside of your vehicle.


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