LSA Goalkeeper Program

LSA Goalkeeper Program

Lanier Soccer Association strives to provide the best development opportunity for all of our playing members. Through our goalkeeper program, we are able to devote time specifically to our players who want to excel as as a goalkeeper. With goalkeeping being a unique position, it is essential that all goalkeepers receive specialized training by a goalkeeper coach to improve their skill and knowledge of the position.

Program Information

The goalkeeper program is available to all Academy and Select goalkeepers at LSA. Our priority is the technical and tactical development of the goalkeeper position. At the top of that priority list is TEACHING proper techniques which help our goalkeepers make saves while preventing injury.

The goalkeeper program starts with the basics of the position in order to build a strong foundation. We progress the training as our players become more proficient in the technical areas. The LSA goalkeeper program strives to develop training that is designed for the specific needs of each of our goalkeepers, making the program unique and strictly in place to serve our LSA members.

LSA Goalkeeper Program

We plan to work with teams in order to help our goalkeepers understand the tactical aspects of their position while also getting the goalkeeper on the same page with his/her coach and teammates. This is very important as the goalkeeper is a natural leader on the field and should help give direction to their teammates during the game; therefore, the goalkeeper must be involved in tactical training so that the message is parallel to that of the coach. The LSA goalkeeper program prides itself on service to the players and community, professionalism, and thorough and planned organization which helps us to provide the best product to our members. 



Specialized Training

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