Soccer Spotlight

What is Soccer Spotlight?

soccer spotlightSoccer Spotlight was founded to help players showcase themselves to collegiate and professional coaches that they might not be
able to reach otherwise. They utilize their professional knowledge of the game with expert video analysis to create a product that will give athletes the best chance of standing out from the crowd.

Soccer Spotlight has over 10+ years of video analysis, 35+ years of combined playing experience, and over 13+ years of coaching soccer at the Premier, Development Academy and Collegiate levels. Whether you are a prolific goal scorer or a dominant central defender, Soccer Spotlight's expertise in the game allows them to analyze your clips and create a Highlight Video that presents your strengths in a way that is most appealing to coaches.

What is a Highlight Video?

On average, a college soccer coach will receive 100-200 emails from prospective high school athletes a week. Many of these emails include home-made highlight videos that a coach may only watch for 2.5 minutes. If the video is poorly edited or doesn't catch the coach’s attention right away, the coach may NEVER go to see that player play in person, regardless of how good the player really is.

Your Highlight Video is a RECRUITING TOOL. You are using this tool to attain the attention of coaches of collegiate programs that you are interested in!

Soccer Spotlight will produce a high-quality, 4-6 minute video from game footage/clips supplied by the customer, complete with an introduction slide, spotlight feature, important stats and contact information.

Soccer Spotlight offers a reduced price for the production of Highlight Videos to LSA members.

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